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A unique technology for personal car maintenance concierge based on digital solutions.

DVR technologies blur the boundaries of the real and virtual world

Sticker.Place is a platform for creating and distributing stickers, as well as a service for visual communications in instant messengers and social applications.

We aspire to invest in people and teams that share our vision, values and technological interests: Cloud Computing, Open Source, Algorithmic Intelligence, Blockchain-based P2P services.


Konstantin is a technology geek who is also well versed in corporate law and finance. His vast and varied experience allows to help people who are building businesses see around the next corner better and make the right decision.

Constantin Gubin

Igor is a genius in advertising and marketing. He especially focuses on startups in the field of video advertising and VR. Igor can help the teams with his ideas and numerous contacts.

Igor Lutz

Ekaterina oversees all our companies. She is focused on helping teams. Ekaterina will connect you to our experts or put in touch with external ones.

Investment Manager
Ekaterina Pyltsova


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